ETH Flower Characteristic Breakdown

4 min readMar 8, 2022


March 23rd marks BTC Flower’s two-month anniversary and the ETH Flower’s Genesis.

On that day at 3 pm UTC, all 2009 BTC Flower holders will be airdropped a randomized ETH Flower seed based on a qualifying snapshot taken on February 28th, 9:34 am UTC. For those fortunate participants, it’s time to reveal what you can expect.

These seeds will be viewable in your wallet, but not immediately tradable. Shortly after the airdrop, an Entrepot auction of the remaining six will take place, also with random seeds, completing the collection of 2015.

Directly following the auction, trading will open for the seeds, and after 24 hours the seeds will bloom, at which point they will be viewable and tradable in their final form.

Characteristic Breakdown

ETH Flowers will have the same trait categories as BTC Flowers: Background color, tombstone symbol, textures (for the coin, flower, and tombstone), and their pairing factor; but the category attributes are totally different. Each of the traits is an evolution from BTC Flower’s, as is the art piece itself. Here are the possibilities sorted from most rare to least rare.

Background: Black, Grey, and White.

Tombstone Symbol: Banking System, Control, Web 2.0, Nasdaq, Wall Street, Finance, Oligarchy, Maximalism, and Inflation

Texture (Coin, Flower, and Tombstone): Acrylic Drips, Gold, Diamond, Silver, Bronze, Marble, Black Chrome, and Ceramic White.

Just as with BTC Flower, having two or three flower components with the same texture will give you a pairing factor that adds an additional characteristic for rarity.

These characteristics are designed by Ludo, sorted by his intuitions of novelty, and made to remain aesthetically complimentary in every combination. Ultimately, each flower is a unique mix that will cater to the wide variety of collector preferences of the growing flower family. That’s why every ETH Flower, regardless of characteristics, will always hold equal voting rights in the Flower Power DAO.

ETH Flowers will share the dynamic petals of BTC flower that create the illusion of rotation, but with a speed that changes proportional to ETH price. Each petal of each flower changes color according to a randomly generated pattern, making the animations in one flower unlike that of any other, adding another layer of uniqueness to each. You could learn more about how the petal movements work here.


ETH Flower rarity will be derived with the statistical rarity method, calculated simply by multiplying the rarity of each given characteristic.

BTC Flower used the same methodology, but with deep analysis preceding the release to ensure the distribution of rarities was as fair as possible and aligned with our intuitions of beauty. We’ve achieved that and will be taking the same approach with ETH Flower.

The difference this time is substantial, as there are now a different number of tombstone symbols and eight textures instead of BTC Flower’s six. That’s sixteen possible pairing factors, making ETH Flower texture pairings more diverse and rare than their BTC Flower counterparts.

An upcoming release will detail everything relating to rarity, including the entire collection’s probability distribution, and your chances for getting an ETH Flower of each combination, the importance of which will be especially felt as secondary markets make the switch from trading seedlings to mature flowers.


ETH Flower will be its own collection on Entrepot, separate from BTC Flower, but as they relate to the DAO undergoing development, they are both of the same family. Being of the first to use this auction functionality, we will do everything in our power to keep true to dates and launch expectations, but leave the possibility for subsequent changes to the aforementioned details. One thing is for certain: Once the ETH Flower collection is airdropped, it becomes permanently decentralized, unable to be taken from the team, Entrepot, or anyone else, which is just another step in the path towards complete project decentralization via the Flower Power DAO. We wish you a fun and smooth experience at launch. See you there!




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