BTC Flower Characteristic Breakdown

Characteristic Breakdown

Tombstone Symbol: Dollar, PayPal, Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Pound.


Of course you’d be lucky to land a gold-plated flower with a diamond USD tombstone and silver bitcoin, but who’s to say that’s any more special than a flower with pure natural green for all characteristics? BTC Flower is a species of chimeras, meaning each trait is independently random, just as it is in nature. Rarity itself is about the flower as a whole, which is why trait combinations are important. In addition to the individual characteristics, each flower also has a chance at a trait more valuable than any single characteristic.


What will always supersede the importance of rarity is of course your aesthetic preference, which the market will dictate based on combined community input. But rarity is a good proxy, as it runs parallel to our typical association with value. Diamond and gold textures are, for example, preferable to black and white. Rarity is a touchy subject since there are so many ways to derive it. In our case, we use statistical rarity, the method adopted by Entrepot, and one that’s becoming standard in the NFT space. Here’s how it will work.



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