Flower Petal Graphics

Flower Petals

The 20 front petals of each flower continually alternate from their base texture and Ludo’s iconic natural green. The illusion of motion these petals create is variable, constantly changing based on the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is up, the petals move faster — if Bitcoin is down, slower, forever… But what about the uniqueness between petals?

  • Linear — Animates at an even speed.
  • Ease — Increases animation speed up toward the middle and slows toward the end.
  • Ease-in — Animation starts slow, increasing speed until complete.
  • Ease-out — Animation starts fast, slowing speed until complete.
  • Animation duration — How long the animation lasts.
  • Animation delay — Time between animation end and beginning.


Remember how we wanted this flower trait to be personal? Well, that’s because it is — at least for us. We’re bitcoiners, and we, admittedly, struggle with the most common symptoms.



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