BTC Flower — The Journey to Launch

5 min readJan 22, 2022


Where We’ve Been

Frech artist Ludo has dedicated his life to exploring the convergence of the natural and technological worlds in the form of art.

His works are a rare gateway into the good, the bad, and ugly parts of where humanity’s technocratic leanings are taking us.

Across the many Ludo pieces, flowers recur as a symbol of hope.

The tone of most Ludo works is solely up to the interpretation of individuals, but when his art touches ideals of the cryptosphere, the message is anything but subtle.

The piece that brought us here and now renowned R.I.P Banking System is a universal symbol of hope for our future. With a purely natural flower blooming out of the death of old technology and with the help of a new one. It’s a uniquely optimistic Ludo work.

In early 2018, Ludo returned to the streets of Paris to create this now renowned piece. In the three years following, Ludo continued to create flowers in new forms, remaining a symbol of hope throughout crypto winter.

In July of 2021, Ludo unveiled BTC Flower’s next evolution. This time, the flower blooms in digital form as a generative collection.

BTC Flower is a project founded on the idea of expanding the ideals represented in BTC Flower to the larger crypto ecosystem.

BTC Flower has since expanded into a full team and project founded on the idea of bringing the ideals from that original art piece to the larger cryptosphere. We believe the Internet Computer is the one and only home for BTC Flower, as it’s the only chain interoperable with Bitcoin, and one of the only chains where the NFT you see and interact with remains on a blockchain, end-to-end. We believe in open source and decentralizing technologies, and see art as an empowering gateway through which to grow them.

Where We Are

On Sunday, January 23rd at 3 PM UTC, BTC Flower will have its official public launch on Entrepot. Given what BTC Flower is about, we see fair launches as the great separator for crypto. Not only should the technology and architecture of a crypto project be decentralized, but so should its assets, as that’s the tangible part of decentralization that facilitates communities. In light of this fact, we want to share full transparency regarding the launch details.

There are and will only ever be 2009 BTC Flowers.

Of those 2009, 19 will receive an airdrop.

  • 11 raffle winners
  • 6 art contest winners
  • 2 giveaways for technical support

170 people are whitelisted and entitled to one flower at the price of three ICP.

  • 150 are OGs that submitted their whitelist
  • 20 won a spot in the raffle

The remaining 1,820 will be up for public sale for five ICP.

Immediately after purchase, each flower will show in your wallet as a seedling that will shortly thereafter grow into a flower. No-one will know ahead of time what they’re getting, that’s solely up to the Internet Computer’s randomness.

The rarity for BTC Flowers, each of their characteristics, and the justification for each were transparently detailed here. If you own a flower, we highly recommend you check it out to see how yours stacks up.

There is no pre-minting. The team will have to buy flowers at random during the public sale like everyone else. Bulk buys will be prevented as per Entrepot’s rules so the supply will be maximally decentralized.

The BTC Flower will always be at the core of our ecosystem. With it, you will gain voting power in the DAO and be entitled to future airdrops. For flower holders, it’s a chance to solidify their unique place in our community.

Where We’re Going

Ludo’s longtime vision for the BTC Flower was growing it into a garden. This garden will take the form of a digital community of curated artists, all creating together in what’s called the Flower Power DAO.

The BTC Flower Launch marks the first major milestone in our journey. For Q1, BTC Flower has planned collaborations involving the music industry with plans to bring musicians into the DAO and tie their work into BTC Flower’s real-time petal animations.

Q2 will bring about the next and final planned Ludo pieces, the ETH and ICP Flowers, establishing the garden’s base. New pieces to follow will be original pieces from independent artists decided by Flower Power DAO voting. Those curated artists, with the help of Ludo and the BTC Flower team, will bring their creations into the garden as generative collections.

The long-term goals of the project include adding merchandise and physical art, hosting exhibitions for community artists in various cities, and eventually bringing our collective garden pieces into the metaverse.

Our roadmap will continue to change and evolve. Ultimately, BTC Flower is only as strong as its community. Future directions should be dictated by the community, with the DAO voting on all matters of project goals. Artists and visionaries should actively participate and be rewarded proportional to contributions via the Flower Power DAO. A place to be get paid for creating in a community is the essence of a true DAO and our ultimate goal, so we welcome you and your ideas in our community channels and are thrilled to have you along in this journey.

For more details, you can find the complete and updated roadmap in Discord.




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