Introducing the Flower Power DAO: V0.5 Constitution


FP DAO V0.5 as an Experiment

FP DAO V0.5 Bill of Rights

  1. Finding and supporting quality art through wisdom of the crowd is the FP DAO’s foremost ambition.
  2. The Flower Power DAO cannot curate art collections without community approval via the DAO.
  3. Every BTC Flower is guaranteed 2 votes in the DAO. ETH and ICP Flowers are each guaranteed 1 vote in the DAO. No other collection will hold voting rights in the DAO.
  4. Every flower holder has a chance to be heard by the larger community through access to proposal submissions.
  5. Artists will choose the parameters through which Flower Holders get rewarded/exclusive access to art created by the DAO.
  6. FP DAO will curate no more than four collections from collaborations each year.


  1. At a later date, the flower team will open up applications to all artists interested in doing a collaboration to be submitted via email or website. Each application must include the artist’s full bio, sample art, detailed plans for a collection, intentions, intended supply and launch price, and what they will offer flower holders, e.g., BTC Flowers get automatic preferential whitelist, ETH Flowers that voted on the collab proposal get a group two whitelist, the remainder goes to a public sale.
  2. Ludo will go through all proposals and narrow them down to three artists exhibiting mastery in their craft.
  3. Based on the technical complexity involved with the potential collection, the flower team and each of the three artists will agree on release prices, incentives for holders, a royalty split, and refined details of what a given collection would become.
  4. Those top three artists and their project details will be made public and issued as a DAO vote. The artist with the most votes will become the FP DAO’s latest collab.
  5. Ludo and the core team will provide all the technical, marketing, and advisory support to make that accepted artist’s dream collection a reality.

Elastic Clause



Community controlled NFT launchpad by @btcflower — Merging the best Web3 stack with the finest art

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Community controlled NFT launchpad by @btcflower — Merging the best Web3 stack with the finest art