ETH Flower Recap and Formation of the FP DAO

4 min readMar 28, 2022


On March 23rd, 3 pm UTC, ETH Flower had its official public launch. The 2009 BTC Flower hodler community was seeded with new ETH flowers to be in hand and the 6 extra seeds (Mint #s 2010–2015) were up for sale in a Dutch-style auction.

The auction’s starting price was 500 ICP which steadily decreased from there. The first sold was the coveted Mint #2015, the last of the collection and the one representing the year of Ethereum’s launch. It sold at the equally memorable price point of 420.69 ICP, followed by Mint #2014 at the 300 ICP price point, another symbol for the historic year Ethereum made it into the public eye with the whitepaper publication. The auction was finalized with a sale of the remaining 4 flowers at 180–200 ICP.

24 hours later, those 2015 seeds bloomed into ETH Flowers, randomly assigned to each holder regardless of the flower held before. In the three days since, ETH Flower accumulated over 20k ICP in volume, quickly earning itself a spot in the top 15 ICP NFT collections by volume. Here are the top ten sales since auction in the order they sold.

Mint #1959, the first large sale was a NASDAQ bronze triple sold for 420.69 ICP.

Mint #2014, a blacked-out Finance flower with bronze and marble tones sold for 300 ICP:

Mint #1041, a beautiful gold pair with bronze ETH symbol and rare Web2 tombstone sold for 350 ICP:

Mint #662, another bronze triple with finance sold for 500 ICP:

Mint #1624, a diamond paired bronze ETH Flower with the black backdrop and Web2 grave sold for 349 ICP:

Mint #951, a diamond paired R.I.P Oligarchy flower with a gold flower and white background sold for 340 ICP.

Mint #166, a Maximalism bronze three of a kind sold for 525 ICP:

Mint #887, a beautiful white, silver, and gold mix with the coveted Banking System tombstone and black backdrop sold for 355 ICP:

Mint #1183, a double diamond Finance flower with the odd texture out being Ludo’s signature acrylic drip sold for 380 ICP:

Mint #891, a pure white, triple marble, Web 2.0 flower sold for 375 ICP.

You’ll notice the ETH Flower collection favored diversity over purity, as very few flowers can be said to look similar to one another. There’s more room for interpretation of beauty amongst the collector base, and purchases seem to be along the lines of unique taste, which is a real pleasure to see.

As a result of this diversity, the mint ended up with 44 triples, coming in at just over half the number from BTC Flower, making those genetically pure ETH Flowers an extraordinary find. We’ve only seen four sell so far, three bronze triples and one marble triple. There is yet to be a sale of the more coveted triples, as there are so few in the collection: One Acrylic Drip triple, two Gold triples, three diamond triples, four silver triples, and so on. You can find more about the collection’s NRIs and their significance in our rarity blog.

For a separate community review of the launch and interpretation of the collection, shoutout to @AmpedVibe for this amazing article.


In related events, we are now prepped for the launch of the V1 Flower Power DAO, as planned for the end of April. ETH Flower’s launch was the final ingredient, and it’s a success representative of our community’s unparalleled commitment to the project’s future. The vast majority of the ~750+ airdrop recipients are hodling, eager to use their flowers in the DAO, and perhaps keeping their flower pairs for the ICP Flower airdrop. Now that our OG community foundation has been laid with a strong base, we are ready to march on toward the project’s final destination, the Flower Power DAO — a community launchpad that merges the most advanced Web3 technologies with the finest art.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing the system of governance that will put this DAO on a path toward community ownership, and productive use in the art world. Stay tuned for updates @btcflower, and as always, thank you for your ongoing and unmatched support, and we’ll keep working hard to ensure it never goes underappreciated.




Community controlled NFT launchpad by @btcflower — Merging the best Web3 stack with the finest art