ETH Flower Launch Day Timeline

2 min readMar 22, 2022


ETH Flower launch begins on March 23rd as a partial airdrop followed by a Dutch auction. As the first of its kind, we thought it best to lay out all the details so there’s no confusion.

As a refresher, the ETH Flower collection will consist of 2015 pieces commemorating the year of Ethereum’s release. 2009 of the flowers will be airdropped at random to the existing 2009 BTC Flower holders. The remaining six will be sold in a Dutch auction, as per the popular community recommendation. Here’s the timeline:

On March 23rd, 2009 ETH Flowers will be airdropped as seeds shortly before 2 pm UTC (10 am EST). They’ll be viewable in your wallet starting at 2 pm UTC but not yet tradable.

Also at 2 pm UTC the Dutch auction will open for the remaining six seeds: Mint numbers 2010–2015. The starting price is 500 ICP and there will be a subsequent drop of 20 ICP every ten minutes. The experience looks the same as a public sale, just with periodic price changes. You can participate on ETH Flower’s marketplace page:

As soon as all six flowers are sold at auction, trading will commence for the entire collection.

24 hours after trading begins, ETH Flower seeds will hatch, flowers will be shuffled using the ICs randomness and revealed to there new owners.

We’ve come a long way in the journey to ETH Flower, and as we approach its end, we know it’s just the first of many steps ahead. See you at tomorrow’s launch!




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